Audi Ur Quattro Sells for Record £163,125 at Auction

Most Audi enthusiasts would kill for the chance to own the original Ur Quattro. Hell, most car enthusiasts in general would. The Audi Ur Quattro is not only a legendary Audi but one of the coolest road-going rally cars ever made and also one of the most important. Problem is, its legendary status and rarity make it incredibly expensive. But it’s never been more expensive than right now, as a Ur Quattro just sold for a record price at the Silverstone Auction.


At a recent auction in the UK, a 1991 Audi Quattro sold for £163,125, which is more than double what the next most expensive Quattro sold for in the UK. Admittedly, there are a few reasons why this very specific car sold for so much money.

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For starters, it was in perfect, immaculate condition. It only had 9,654 miles on the odometer and was stored in a “Carcoon” — a zip-up car container that keeps it away from weather and moisture — since 2008. It even had its original Pirelli P700-Z tires. To make it even more desirable for UK enthusiasts, it was the very last right-hand drive Audi Quattro ever built.


We don’t own the photos, so you can see them here, but this specific Audi Quattro is painted it a Pearlescent White exterior, with a mid-grey interior. It has white wheels and the more modern digital gauges, being the last one ever made. Its 2.1 liter turbocharged five-cylinder made 217 horsepower when new and it’s paired with a five-speed manual transmission. Of course, it also has Quattro all-wheel drive.

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The Audi Ur (Ur is short for “Original” in German) Quattro is a legend. It introduced four-wheel drive to both rally racing and to performance cars, while dominating in motorsport along the way. It won championships in rally racing and Pikes Peak and was driven by several different iconic drivers, such as Walter Röhrl and Michèle Mouton. So it’s no wonder why someone was willing to pay top dollar for this specific car. Though, we hope that it doesn’t set a precedent for future Ur Quattros at auction.


[Source: Silverstone Auctions]
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