Audi UK accused of lying clients about A5’s Euro NCAP test

Audi’s UK branch is right in the middle of a rather embarrassing scandal regarding the A5 model. BBC has conducted an investigation from which they have learned most of the firm’s dealers in United Kingdom have been lying about the A5.

To be more specific, nine out of ten dealerships have been telling potential customers the A5 was tested by Euro NCAP, when in fact the organization never crash tested the model. In addition, BBC found out six dealers told prospective buyers the A5 actually received a five-star rating.

Audi UK responded to these accusations by saying they didn’t meant for this to happen on purpose, but there’s actually more to the story than this. The origins of the scandal go back in time when a customer agreed to purchase an R8 after the dealer representative told him the car has earned a five-star rating in the Euro NCAP test. When the customer’s father had an accident with the car, the client wanted to find out more about how safe is the supercar which is why he contacted 50 dealers and 48 of them told him the R8 got a five-star score, when in reality Euro NCAP never really tested the vehicle.

It should be worth mentioning the fact that besides the A5 and R8 models, Euro NCAP didn’t crash test the A7 and A8 either.

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