Audi Twelve Days of Christmas full gallery available

The full Audi Twelve Days of Christmas 2015 image gallery is now available and shows several models in an entirely different light. The online campaign started on December 25, 2014 with an image of the RS7 Sportback and since then each day until yesterday a new image of a recent Audi model was posted. On December 26 they showed an RS6 Avant, followed a day later by the three-door S1 while on December 28 they published an image depicting the S3 Sedan.

Up next was the SQ5 TDI and then the A3 Cabriolet while on the last day of 2014 the company published an image with the RS4 Avant. On January 1st, Audi released a photo with the facelifted A8 L (long wheelbase) and then a day later with the RS7 Sportback, the same model which was also featured on day one.

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The Audi Twelve Days of Christmas 2015 also includes the RS Q3 published on day 10, followed by the RS4 Avant on day 11 and the S3 Sedan image uploaded yesterday.

According to the Ingolstadt-based automaker, this was a collection of images shows various models across the current available range in an entirely different light showcasing the styling of these vehicles.

Adrian Padeanu

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