Audi TTS vs. M3, Evo X, SL63 AMG and IS-F

I’ve been watching these Best Motoring videos from Japan for a couple of years now on YouTube and they’re always interesting. Interesting because I can’t understand the commentary but also because the cars they pit against one another range from the intriguing to the down-right eclectic. 

Well, this recent installment features one of our favorites, the Audi TTS, against the potent M3, powerful but heavy SL63 AMG, the overrated IS-F and the ultimate pocket-rocket, the Evo X. The results might not be what you expected once you watch the full video of these powerhouses both big and small tearing up the Tsukuba circuit in Japan. however, I’m sure the rain played a part in the results of the race as the water was so bad it was reminiscent of the 1976 Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji. Enjoy!