Audi TTS named one of Ward’s 10 Best Interiors

Every year, Wards Auto ranks the 10 Best Interiors of that year. For 2016, the Audi TTS was rated one of the best interiors on the market. The Audi TTS was only one of the Audis that were considered for 10 Best honors, but it was only the TTS that placed. The Audi A4 and Q7 were both considered, but the TTS was considered to be better than both of them and for good reason.

The current-gen Audi TTS houses one of our favorite cabins on the market. We love it for its gorgeous design that’s both sporty and luxurious while also being incredibly ergonomic. The cabin of the TTS has an extremely premium feel to it that makes it feel much more expensive than it is and gives off a “Baby-R8” vibe. It’s really exciting, really comfortable and really flipping cool.

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Audi TTS

The focal point of the TTS’ interior, however, is the Virtual Cockpit digital gauge cluster. Being that the entire navigation system, MMI infotainment system and even the gauges are inside of the Virtual Cockpit in front of the driver, the dashboard lacks an ugly screen stuck to it, giving it a clean look that hasn’t really been seen in many years. It’s refreshing to just see a clean dashboard in a premium car these days, with no big screen in the way. This gives the TTS cabin a very clean look and makes it look like a modern interpretation of an old-school sports car on the inside. Another great thing about the TTS cabin is that it feels very open and airy, despite being a fairly compact car. A lot of that has to do with the clean dashboard design allowed by the Virtual Cockpit. We also love the round air vents that house the HVAC controls inside of them, clearing out space on the dashboard.

Audi TTS

But design aside, the TTS interior is of incredibly high quality. Build quality, in typical Audi fashion, is superb and filled with rich materials. The leather is supple and the sport seats are as supportive as they are good looking. The Aluminum trim feels expensive and so does every switch and button. It’s just a very premium feeling cabin.

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Overall, the Audi TTS interior is one of the best in Audi’s lineup and, according to Wards Auto, one of the 10 best on the market.

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