Audi TTS in Brilliant Black looks like the perfect Christmas present

The Audi TTS is the edgier version of one of Audi’s best sports cars, the TT Coupe. Oddly enough, the TTS isn’t nearly as popular as it should be. We drove the new TT a couple of months back and were extremely impressed with it. Its engine was punchy and made a good noise, the seven-speed S-Tronic gearbox is excellent, the interior is fantastic and the Virtual Cockpit is a revelation. We enjoyed how fun and playful it was, something the previous-generation Audi TT was not. So we’re suprised more people don’t spring for the faster and even more fun TTS. Especially when it looks this good.

Audi TTS

This gift-wrapped Audi TTS is in Brilliant Black with black leather interior and gorgeous quilter leather sport seats. The TTS differentiates itself from the standard car with a more aggressive front fascia, quad exhaust pipes and a rear diffuser. Other than that, the TTS doesn’t look too much edgier than the standard car, which is good as it doesn’t look to boy-racerish, which is something the previous-gen suffered from a bit. This new Audi TTS looks perfectly aggressive while still maintaining some class.

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The interior blows other cars in its class away, though. Those quilted leather seats are as comfortable as they look and their seating position is perfect; you sit low and with a great view of the road, like a proper sports car. The interior actually feels like the ‘baby R8’ that the TTS is designed to be. The circular air vents look great and couldn’t be simpler to use. This whole cockpit feels simplified and focused on driver. The best compliment I can give it is that it feels like a luxury Mazda MX-5 and, believe me, that’s high praise. Then there’s the Virtual Cockpit, which we’ve discussed ad nauseam and is simply fantastic, that dominates the driver’s point of view. It’s also the only infotainment screen in the car, which is great for the driver. Though, passengers might be bothered by the lack of screen for them. Too bad.

Audi TTS

The Audi TTS is powered by the same turbocharged 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine that powers the Audi S3 and develops 292 hp. That’s a healthy amount of power to be sent through its S-Tronic gearbox to all four wheels, via Audi’s Quattro system. The TTS has the credentials to be a proper sports car and, if it handles like a sharper TT, should be on in practice. Check out this gorgeous Brilliant Black Audi TTS from Ray Catena Audi in Freehold, NJ.


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