Audi TTQ speculiatively rendered ahead of 2017 launch

The Audi TTQ has been speculatively rendered prior to an expected market launch sometime in 2017. The attached digital interpretation is based on last year’s TT offroad concept and shows a very possible design for the third body style of the TT which has already been confirmed by Audi to take the shape of a crossover. It’s not that hard to imagine how the vehicle will look since it will essentially be a jacked u TT with plastic body cladding and rear doors.

It will use the same platform as the third generation TT coupe and roadster, but it will allegedly get an e-quattro system that will encompass a combustion engine mounted at the front, an electric motor in the gearbox housing and another electric motor sitting at the back. This configuration will be good enough for a combined output of 408 bhp (304 kW) and will enable the model to run in FWD, RWD and AWD modes.

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2017 Audi TTQ
2017 Audi TTQ

When driven in front-wheel drive mode, the Audi TTQ will only be powered by the combustion engine while in RWD mode it will use the electric motor. When AWD is enabled, it will combined the power of the conventional engine and electric motors to run in hybrid mode which will be suitable whenever tackling low-traction areas.

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