Audi TTQ crossover should be out in 2017

According to CAR magazine, the Audi TTQ crossover will be introduced in 2017 and is basically going to be a production variant of last year’s TT offroad concept. The model was originally supposed to be commercialized with the Q4 moniker but since Alfa Romeo owns the nameplate, Audi had to think of something else.

Audi TT offroad concept

An Audi insider told the British magazine they have selected the TTQ designation for their upcoming crossover which be third body style of the TT range after the coupe and roadster. Other details are not available at this point but since it will likely be based on the TT, the TTQ will ride on the MQB platform and should inherit the same engines as the other two cars. The styling will be a little bit sportier than the Q3 so chances are it will adopt a more coupe-like silhouette at the expense of practicality. In other words, the Audi TTQ crossover will be for the company what the X4 is for BMW, a sleeker version of the X3.

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Audi TT offroad concept

Bad news as far as the TT allroad shooting brake and TT Sportback concepts as the same source mentions these will not reach production, despite having a great potential.

via CAR

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