Audi TT will become a four-door coupe for next generation

The market for coupes/convertibles is dying. Customers are now less likely to buy something with two doors than ever before, especially with the advent of four-door coupes. Cars like the Audi A5 Sportback, BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe and, the original, the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class have shown customers that you can have a stylish car and still have the practicality of four doors. Which is why the next-generation Audi TT will actually become a four-door coupe.

According to a recent report from Auto Express, the four-ringed brand had planned on adding a four-door coupe model to the TT lineup back in 2014. Then the diesel scandal erupted and cost cutting plans were put into place. In those plans, all unnecessary projects had to be squashed, the four-door TT included. Now that the diesel scandal is in the rear view mirror and Audi is doing very well, in terms of both sales and profits, it’s said that the Audi TT four-door coupe is back on.

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Not only has a four-door Audi TT been green-lit by the board but it completely replaces the two-door coupe and convertible variants. So for the next generation of Audi TT, expect it to only be a four-door coupe. Even the design has been given the okay by the board, so Audi knows exactly what it’s going to look like.

Auto Express has some renderings, which make it look a bit like an Audi A7 mixed with a Volkswagen Arteon. Which might not actually be far off. Though, it’s said that this upcoming four-door Audi TT stays pretty true to the original, in terms of design and size.

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So what’s the point of a four-door Audi TT over something like an A5 Sportback? Well, the Audi TT is going to be a lot smaller than the A5 Sportback and will also be built on Audi’s newest version of the MQB platform. So it will be about 290mm longer than the current TT, 60mm wider and have 120mm added to its wheelbase. That’s actually a decent increase in size but it still won’t be as large as the A5 Sportback.

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It’s also said that this upcoming Audi TT will get 48-volt mild-hybrid setups for its engines, allowing it to reduce turbo lag and keep its performance peppier. A plug-in hybrid model is even possible.

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This is an interesting move and it shows that Audi is really trying to shake its model portfolio up to keep up with the times. It will be sad to see the two-door TT go, as we’ve had it for so long, but it will be exciting to see a new, four-door model.

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