Audi TT Sportback concept shows its practical side in Paris

The Audi TT Sportback concept is currently being showcased at the Paris Motor Show where Auto Express wanted to check out how practical the vehicle really is. Audi is experimenting with the third generation TT by developing a four-door body style which would act as a sleeker alternative to the A3 Sedan.

Needless to say, the Audi TT Sportback concept would end up being significantly more expensive than the regular TT as its longer (at 4.47 meters), wider (at 1.89 meters) and comes with a stretched wheelbase (at 2.63 meters) so it’s size is similar to that of the aforementioned A3 Sedan. Compared to Audi’s entry-level sedan, the TT Sportback concept seen here features a far cooler interior cabin which is also more spacious when compared to the regular TT as the wheelbase has been elongated by 120mm.

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Headroom is not that great for rear passengers as the Audi TT Sportback concept has a 30mm lower roof compared to the TT Coupe while the legroom is not good enough, especially for taller people. Mat Watson from Auto Express wanted to show us how much space there is on the back seats but the woman at Audi’s stand at 2014 Paris Motor Show didn’t give him the permission. The good news is she allowed the camera crew to take a closer look at the rear seats which you can see are separated by a center console while the available legroom is not what you would call suitable for longer trips.

Adrian Padeanu

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