Audi TT S Line Competition adds spice to standard TT

Not to be confused with the Audi TTS, the Audi TT S Line Competition is a new, special model that undercuts the TTS in terms of both price and performance. Essentially, the Audi TT S Line Competition is a sportier, better looking version of the standard Audi TT. This means it packs the same 2.0 liter TFSI turbocharged four-cylinder engine, but it makes 230 hp, rather than the standard car’s 220.

It also gets some sportier bits throughout the rest of the car. Things like the Singleframe grille, front blade, exterior mirror housings and rear diffuser are all painted in high-gloss black. There’s a fixed rear wing, also painted in high-gloss black, in contrast to the active wing in the TTS that deploys at speed.  The rear tailpipes have a black chrome finish as well.

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Dynamic photo, Colour: Glacier White

The TT S Line Competition also comes with 19″ five-spoke wheels with gloss black accents as standard. An entirely gloss black wheel is optional. You can see where this is going, there’s a lot of black. Oddly enough, none of the body color options are black, though. There are only four color options, Glacier White, Nano Grey, Tango Red and Ara Blue, the latter being a new TT color.

Inside, new S Line sport seats feature embossed backrests with fully pneumatic adjustable side bolsters and electronically controlled lumbar support. Obviously, a flat-bottomed S Line steering wheel is also standard, as with all sporty Audis. However, a new feature is the Sport screen in the Virtual Cockpit display. Where current Virtual Cockpit-equipped Audis feature only two screens, the Classic and Infotainment views, this Audi TT S Line Competition comes with a Sport screen that features a center tachometer, much like the Audi R8. The interior is also adorned in a blend of leather and alcantara, giving it an upscale feel.

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Audi TT Roadster S line competition

Prices for the Audi TT S Line Competition start at €41,940 for the Coupe and €44,340 for the Roadster. It will go on sale at the end of 2016 in Europe. No word on whether or not it makes it here to the US, but it’s doubtful.

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