This Loud Audi TT RS Is No Baby R8, Boasts About The Same Power

It will certainly be a sad day for the aftermarket scene when Audi will retire the five-cylinder engine since the 2.5 TFSI has tremendous tuning potential. This extremely loud TT RS looks fairly standard on the outside, but the real changes have taken place within the engine bay where the inline-five resides. Proving it’s no baby R8, the all-wheel-drive little coupe hit the dyno to generate some impressive numbers.

Running on pump gas, the turbocharged inline-five can produce a whopping 624 horsepower or 224 hp more than the standard TT RS and about as much as the R8 V10 Performance. When it feeds on methanol, the output increases furthermore to 660 hp, so it’s safe to say it’s no baby R8. How are these numbers even possible? Well, the car was tuned by BR Performance and they’ve fitted it with a new turbocharger, carbon fiber intake, and a Miltek exhaust system.

If you’re not impressed by the horsepower count, you might want to know torque has been raised from 480 Newton-meters (354 pound-feet) to an epic 837 Nm (617 lb-ft). These numbers are even higher than those listed by BR Performance on its website for the TT RS with the stage 4 kit. We did a bit of digging on the tuner’s website and discovered they’ll also fiddle with the DSG by raising the rpm limit from 7,000 to 7,300 rpm as well as the launch control from 3,500 to 4,800 rpm. In addition, the dual-clutch seven-speed automatic will change gears in just 80 milliseconds or 20 ms less than the standard TT RS.

Interestingly, BR Performance has an eco-focused tuning program that bumps torque by only 100 Nm (74 lb-ft) and decreases fuel consumption by approximately 10%. You’ll have to get in touch with the aftermarket specialist to find out pricing for the stage 4 kit, but we do know this eco-oriented upgrade costs €790 while the modified DSG is an extra €400.

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Adrian Padeanu

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