Audi TT RS Heritage Edition Celebrates the End of the Line

We’re quickly approaching the end of the Audi TT RS. In the US market, 2022 will be the final model year for the TT RS, marking the end of the line for the fan-favorite. To close out its run, the Audi TT RS Heritage Edition will be sold in limited numbers, to celebrate the final model year.


The Audi TT RS Heritage Edition will come in five different exclusive color combinations:

  • Alpine White with Ocean Blue leather and Diamond Silver stitch
  • Helios Blue metallic Diamond Silver leather and Ocean Blue stitch
  • Stone Gray metallic with Crimson Red leather and Jet Gray stitch
  • Tizian Red metallic with Havanna Brown leather and Jet Gray stitch
  • Malachite Green metallic with Cognac Brown leather and Black stitch
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Only fifty Audi TT RS Heritage Editions will be made — ten of each color combination — and they will celebrate not only the end of the TT RS but also its legendary engine. Since the Ur Quattro, Audi has been making incredible turbocharged five-cylinder engines and the TT RS’ version is absolutely beloved for its power, noise, and character. To celebrate both the car and the engine, the rear quarter glass of each car will get the same script, that reads “HERITAGE EDITION”, followed by the five-pot’s signature firing order, “1, 2, 4, 5, 3”. Both of which will be underlined with the “quattro” badge.


  • In addition to the cool color combos and the heritage badging, Audi TT RS Heritage Edition models will also come with a ton of extra standard kit:
  • 20” 5-arm cutter design wheels in bi-color anthracite finish
  • Audi exclusive etching in rear quarter glass
  • 174 mph top speed limiter
  • Alcantara covered steering wheel with 12 o’clock marker in leather color
  • Alcantara covered shift lever
  • Alu-optic exterior elements including mirror housings
  • OLED taillights
  • RS logo floor mats with contrast stitching
  • Sport exhaust with black tips
  • Electric spoiler / rear wing delete
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The standard Audi TT RS starts at $73,200 but the Heritage Edition starts at $81,450. To be honest, that seems like a great deal, considering the unique color combinations that you would normally have to pay extra for and all of the added standard equipment. Considering there are only going to be fifty made, and that this is likely the last internal combustion-powered TT RS in history, these Heritage Edition models could hold their value well over the years.


TT RS Heritage Edition models are expected to go on sale early 2022, so get your wallets ready, as they’ll likely sell out quickly.


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