Audi TT RS caught testing with manual gearbox

There’s been much speculation as to what the upcoming Audi TT RS will be like when it finally debuts. The previous TT RS was a big fan-favorite, as it offered incredible performance out of a magnificent engine and it only came with the enthusiast’s choice of gearbox, a six-speed manual. This new model, though, was said to have ditched the manual gearbox, much like the upcoming Audi S4, for Audi’s fast-shifting S-Tronic dual-clutch gearbox. This angered Audi enthusiasts the world over.

But good news, Audi fans, as Carscoops has some spy shots of the upcoming Audi TT RS caught testing in the snow and it’s got a manual gear lever in it. While the car you see in the pictures looks like an Audi TTS, with badging and all, it’s actually said to be a TT RS and Audi is just using the TTS body as a test mule. While we cannot confirm or deny this, it is interesting because there should be no reason why Audi would be testing a TTS mule this early in its developmental life cycle. There shouldn’t be much that needs updating just yet.

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2016 Audi TT RS prototype
2016 Audi TT RS prototype

If this is true, and the TT RS is getting a manual transmission, Audi fans across the globe will rejoice. Unfortunately, if the TT RS manages to make it West of the Atlantic, it’s likely that it will only be offered in S-Tronic form anyway, like most other Audi performance models. But European enthusiasts rejoice, because it seems as if you’ll be getting the TT RS you always wanted.

The upcoming Audi TT RS will likely be powered by the 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder from the RS3, but will be making close to 400 hp. This should prove to be a ton of fun regardless of which gearbox is in it, but a six-speed might send it over the top.

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Audi TT RS OLED Taillight
Audi TT RS OLED Taillight

We have no idea if these pictures truly indicate the development of an Audi TT RS with a manual transmission, but we can hope.

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