Audi TT RS by Hperformance packs 510 PS, costs €90,000

Gone but not forgotten, the old Audi TT RS has received a power package courtesy of Hperformance.

The German tuners worked extensively on the iconic turbocharged 2.5-liter 5-cylinder gasoline engine which now benefits from a HPXT530 turbocharger and has gone through other upgrades like the new high-pressure pump, custom exhaust and also a different charge air cooler. Thanks to these comprehensive tweaks, output has been significantly lifted to 510 PS and 690 Nm, up from the standard 360 PS and 465 Nm available in the old TT RS Plus.

Hperformance doesn’t say anything about the car’s performances although it’s safe to say the 0-100 km/h now takes significantly less than the 4.1 seconds needed by the standard car. Consequently, top speed has likely increased from the electronically-limited 280 km/h of the stock TT RS Plus Coupe.

Other upgrades offered by the tuner include 370x35mm front & 342×28 rear MOVIT disc brakes, custom rollover bar, rear wing, KW clubsport three-way coilovers and some body parts manufactured from carbon fiber to keep the weight down low.

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If you only want the power bump for your previous generation TT RS, Hperformance wants €50,000 while this car with all the upgrades is €90,000 which frankly is a bit too much.

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