Audi TT and Audi Q3 Model Lines Get New Matte Color Options

Audi is adding some extra incentive to buy two of its MQB-based model families — the Audi TT and Audi Q3. All of the models in both those lineups now get some matte color options, to add some sportier styling to what can be rather mundane looking cars.


There are now a few new matte paint options for the entire Audi TT and Audi Q3 model lineups, even the entry-level models, though one of which is exclusive to the Audi RS Q3. The colors are as follows; Python Yellow, Daytona Grey, Florett Silver, and Dew Silver. However, the Audi TT RS isn’t available with Dew Silver (RS Q3 exclusive) and the RS Q3 isn’t available with Python Yellow.

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“Design remains the top reason for purchasing an Audi. And the color of the vehicle is extremely important, as it’s an expression of a driver’s personality,” says Susan Nolte, responsible for exterior colors within the Product Marketing Special Equipment team at Audi.


While RS models won’t be the only ones available with the new matte paint options, they are the more common cars to use them. Matte paint finishes are usually used for sporty, performance cars, as they give off a bit more of an edge.


“Matte is a paint finish that is particularly popular with sporty models; RS vehicles, for example, are often ordered in eye-catching, dramatic colors,” said Nolte.


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It’s great that Audi is also offering these colors on standard cars, too, though. Cars like the Audi TT and Q3 aren’t particularly exciting to look at on their own. But if you add a stylish matte color, they can turn into something a bit more interesting looking. It’s also a nice way to give the Audi TT a proper send-off, as the brand’s little sports car isn’t long for this world. Hopefully, these new colors can bring in some more customers, so more enthusiasts can enjoy the TT while it lasts.


They’ll also spice up the standard Audi Q3 a bit. While a good car, the Audi Q3 is about as exciting as dry toast. Adding a matte color would make a normal suburbanite family car feel more special.


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