Audi TT owner drives for over 83,000 miles without changing oil

The owner of an Audi TT drove his car for more than 83,000 miles without changing oil. The model in question is equipped with the 3.2-liter engine and for reasons beyond our understanding it wasn’t serviced for a long amount of time which obviously led to this unfortunate situation. It is impressive though that the car was still working before the owner finally decided to take it to a repair shop and change the oil.

However, the engine might be damaged beyond repair and the only possible solution to fix the car is getting an engine replacement. This is a perfect example why changing oil should be always done at the intervals mentioned by the automaker in order to make sure the engine is running smoothly. Driving an Audi TT for more than 83,000 miles (133,576 km) without once changing oil is obviously something to avoid.

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Audi TT
Audi TT

The extended drain of this 3.2-liter engine should be a sign of warning for all who don’t take proper care of the vehicles and think that by not changing the oil they can save a couple of bucks, but in the end fixing it up will cost substantially more so it’s always best to replace the oil according to the owner’s manual.

via TDI Club

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