Audi TT officially going to be killed off

Over the past couple of decades, the Audi TT has been an icon in the sports car world. While not always the sportiest car and never really the best in class, the TT has been beloved for its blend of performance style and comfort. Every iteration has been a great overall sports car, even if other cars in its segment were more fun to drive. So it’s sad to learn that the little Audi TT will be making its last rounds soon enough.

According to a recent report from Autocar, who spoke with Audi CEO Bram Schot, the TT is on its way out but it might be replaced with something else. When asked if there would be a future for the TT, Schot said “That’s a very good question. I think there’s a future for an [Audi] icon but I don’t know if it’s a TT. My heart bleeds when you ask that question!”

While he doesn’t completely dismiss the idea of a future Audi TT there, he does say it will be replaced with something else. “I’ve got some things cooking which could replace TT, though not necessarily directly.” said Schot.

The main reason for the TT’s departure is electrification. Audi needs to focus the majority of its resources on electric mobility, whether that be full EVs or plug-in hybrids. Electrification is the future of the automobile and Audi has already put the majority of its funds into such endeavors. So it simply can’t make a car in every single segment.

“Audi has to be really prominent in future, but electrification has to be financed. I cannot afford to be in every country, in every segment,” he said.

Though, sources close to Autocar do say that the Audi TT could be replaced with something slightly different, such as a four-door sportback model. It’s possible that such a car could even be electric itself. So possibly an Audi e-tron TT Sportback? We don’t know for certain but it seems as if Schot knows where the brand is headed and what its future is and, unfortunately, the Audi TT as we know it isn’t a part of it.

Nico DeMattia

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