Audi TT five-door illustration has great potential

It was only a couple of days ago when we shared a render with the upcoming TT RS and now we are back with an Audi TT five-door illustration developed by Theophilus Chin. This render doesn’t come really as a surprise taking into account the German automaker has already announced plans to offer an expanded lineup of the third generation TT.

We don’t know whether there will be a four-door version but Audi did hint at a family-oriented derivative so the sedan / four-door coupe pictured here could be a viable solution although it will likely end up clashing with the A3 Sedan and A4. If there won’t be a sedan, the more practical TT-based model will probably be a shooting brake version with a generous trunk.

Audi TT five-door render by Theophilus Chin
Audi TT five-door render by Theophilus Chin

Chances are that we will have to wait for a while until this model will come out since the regular TT was just unveiled and it hasn’t arrived at dealerships yet. Sometime next year, Audi will introduce the aforementioned RS version which will likely be topped by an RS Plus version in 2016. In the meantime, the TT lineup will probably expand beyond the familiar coupe and we are curious to find out what sort of body style Audi is cooking up. All in all, a sedan and a longer shooting brake are strong candidates to wear the TT badge in the next few years.

via theophiluschin.com

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