Audi TT Cup photographed at Circuit de Catalunya

The Audi TT Cup racecar was put through its paces recently in Spain at Circuit de Catalunya. No less than 18 international drivers had the opportunity to test the race-spec third generation TT on track and they were able to cover almost 7,700 km (4,784 miles). These live pics show the race-spec variant looks substantially more aggressive than the road-going TTS Coupe upon which is based.

Audi Motorsport has equipped the TT Cup racecar with a wider and more aerodynamic body featuring a massive rear wing, a carbon fiber front splitter as well as extended fender flares. The cars also come with matrix LED headlights and a PS1 safety seat borrowed from the R8 LMS ultra. Other goodies on the menu include a digital instrument cluster, roll cage, fire extinguishing system and a multi-function steering wheel.

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The Audi TT Cup racecar is powered by a TFSI 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine which develops more than 310 HP and over 400 Nm of torque. For a limited amount of time, the push-to-pass function grants the car with an additional 30 HP suitable whenever overtaking. The engine’s power is channeled to the wheels with help from a six-speed S tronic transmission that has an electronically variable active differential.

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