VIDEO: This 1985 Audi “Treser Super” 5000 is Rare and Strange

Back in the ’80s, there weren’t a lot of well-known Audi tuners. Mercedes-Benz had AMG, BMW had ALPINA, but Audi didn’t really have anyone. That’s because, outside of the very expensive Ur Quattro, there weren’t really any enthusiasts cars coming from Audi that anyone wanted to tune. However, there were a few good Audi sedans that at least one company decided to upgrade. One such tuning company was called Treser and one such sedan was the Audi 5000.


Doug DeMuro, being the connoisseur of quirkiness, got his hands one a very rare 1985 Audi Treser Super 5000, a tuned version of the 5000 that very few enthusiasts know about. Treser is actually an interesting tuning company because Walter Treser, the man that founded it, had previously worked for Audi before he started tuning them. Not only that but he actually worked on the original Audi Quattro project, so he knew a thing or two about making Audis go fast.

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Audi 100/Audi 5000

The standard Audi 5000, on which this Treser-tuned car is based, was about the most bland looking sedan on the planet at the time. It was also pretty bland to drive. Treser, though, was anything buy bland. He designed a Quattro convertible and even some sort of mutant off-roading Audi sedan. For Audi 5000-duty, Treser gave it an extreme body kit, that makes it look more American than anything else, and an engine tune. Except in America…


In Europe, the Treser-tuned 5000’s turbocharged five-cylinder engine was pumped up to make 250 horsepower. However, due to emissions, American cars didn’t have it. Which means, for the American car in this video, the only changes were to the exterior and even a bit inside. Not exactly heavily tuned.

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So what is the Audi Treser Super 5000 like to drive? According to DeMuro, it feels a bit quicker than its power figures suggest but it’s still not quick. So if you’re looking for an Audi 5000 to tune, it might not be worth spending the extra money on this rare Treser model. However, if you’re looking for something rare and unique, this will certainly be the car for you.


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