Audi traffic light recognition tech aims to save fuel

The Audi traffic light recognition technology aims to make city driving more fluid while lower fuel consumption to save money. It uses the vehicle’s in-car Internet connectivity through Audi connect in order to make a connection between the vehicle and the traffic light network through the central traffic computer of each city. It has the ability of rapidly assimilating the automated traffic light change sequences nearby.

Moreover, when the driver is getting closer to a set of lights the DIS – Driver information System found in the instrument cluster indicates the speed at which the person behind the wheel should be driving in order to pass through a green light. There’s also a visual aid in the form of red, amber and green icons.

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Audi traffic light recognition
Audi traffic light recognition

While at a red light, the Audi traffic light recognition system will be able to calculate and count the time remaining until the next green light is programmed. It works together with the engine’s stop/star system so that the engine will be turned on five seconds before the green light.

According to Audi, this technology allows a vehicle to reduce its CO2 footprint by up to 15 percent and if it would be deployed in Germany, it could bring saves of around 900 million liters of fuel. The Audi traffic light technology is already fully developed and ready to enter production for each model in the company’s lineup but this depends on the necessary government legislation.

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