Audi together with Mercedes and BMW are about to buy Nokia’s HERE

It now seems Nokia’s HERE maps business is just about to be jointly acquired by Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Lately we’ve been talking a great deal about this major transaction and it seems the German premium trio is almost ready to make the big move, even though some voices are saying Nokia wants as much as $4 billion.

Negotiations between the German prestige joint venture and Nokia are continuing as we speak and the report mentions it could still fall apart, but most likely an agreement will be reached within the next few days and the companies will make an official announcement on July 31. It’s obviously not that easy to complete such a transaction since there’s a lot of money involved and all of the parties involved in the transaction want to obtain the best possible deal.

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Experts in the automotive industry are describing this joint venture between Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW as being rather unusual since the three are battling to obtain the top spot in the race for the most successful premium marque in the world. However, for all three it’s crucial to have access to very detailed maps so they have decided to team up to buy Nokia’s HERE before another wealthy company gets its hands on it.

Adrian Padeanu

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