Audi to use twin-turbo V6 2.9-liter for base R8?

New details have emerged about the turbocharged Audi R8 coming in a couple of years. The naturally aspirated 4.2-liter V8 has been discontinued for the second-gen R8 but the engineers from Ingolstadt are working on a replacement which according to British magazine CAR will take the shape of a V6 2.9-liter with twin turbochargers. The report goes on to specify it will develop about 450 hp, so it’s going to pack more punch than the original first generation R8 V8 4.2 which had 414 hp.

But maybe it’s too early to talk about the R8 turbo since Audi has already announced it won’t be launched in the near future, meaning that it will take at least two years until the model will hit the market. There are a couple of reasons why Audi is going down the turbo route, with the first and most important being to meet the stricter rules and regulations concerning CO2 emissions and fuel consumption so they have to make the R8 a lot more efficient than the old one with the V8.

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Another important reason has to do with China where there are some huge taxes for car with engines that have a displacement of at least 3.0 liters. Since China is a very important market for Audi, they certainly want to sell the R8 over there as it has great potential especially in this entry-level version which will come at a more affordable price tag.

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