Audi to use Car-to-X tech for future lighting system

Audi will be heading to the International Symposium on Automotive Lighting (ISAL 2015) with new lighting technologies set to be implemented on future models. One example is the implementation of Car-to-X which represents the interplay with other cars and the infrastructure. This can be useful whenever the driver’s own visual field ends. For example, in the domain of construction zone lighting, Audi’s engineers are working on a new tech that can project the car’s width onto the roadway by using very precise strips of light. This way, Audi drivers would get the feeling of being well guided whenever going through narrow bottleneck areas.

At ISAL 2015, Audi will also talk about its latest development in lighting systems for cars, including the matrix LED headlights and various lighting assistance systems and matrix laser headlights.

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Construction area lighting
Construction area lighting

As a reminder, Audi has made big breakthroughs over the years, such as the implementation of LED daytime running lights back in 2004 on the A8 W12 while the first full LED headlights arrived in 2008 on the R8. The 2010 A8 inaugurated headlights working closely with navigation data while the dynamic turn signals debuted in 2012 on the R8. One year later, the A8 gained matrix LED headlights while in 2014 the R8 LMX featured high-beam matrix LED headlights with a laser spot. The most recent advancements in this domain include a traffic sign anti-glare function on the new A4 equipped with the optional matrix LED headlights.

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