Audi to possibly hire BMW’s Hildegard Wortmann

There seems to be a bit of a shake-up going on in Audi’s boardroom. In 2018, Audi’s former CEO Rupert Stadler was arrested on fraud charges stemming from the now infamous diesel scandal. Following Stadler’s arrest, Audi had been eyeing a BMW exec to replace him as CEO, however BMW blocked him from working for Audi (there’s some German rule that allows companies from blocking executives from leaving for industry competitors). Now, it seems as if Audi is going to hire a different BMW executive — Hildegard Wortmann.

Wortmann has been with BMW since 1998 and has been a huge part of the brand’s success for decades. She played a crucial role in the expansion of the MINI brand once BMW took it over and she was Senior Vice President of the BMW Brand for years. More recently, she was the driving force behind BMW starting its “BMW Films” up again, which was very exciting.

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So Audi gaining an asset like Wortmann will be huge, as she’s incredibly intelligent and talented and will help take Audi to new heights. It’s also good timing. Wortmann was key to the MINI brand’s success and making it popular and exciting. With Audi trying to push its e-tron electric model, it could use someone with Wortmann’s knowledge and know how to lead the way.

It’s not said yet exactly what position Wortmann will have at Audi but it’s said she will join the board as part of new CEO Bram Schot’s team.

This new shake up for Audi is important in more than just its future sales success. Audi needs to sort of reinvent its image after the diesel scandal and having its CEO imprisoned. Having a well-respected executive in the industry, and one of high character, such as Hildegard Wortmann, will only help the brand’s perception.

Nico DeMattia

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