Audi to participate in Web Summit 2015

This year, the 2015 Web Summit will be held in Dublin, Ireland. The Web Summit is a place where entrepreneurs can pitch their business ideas to potential investors, international groups and media representatives. At this year’s Web Summit, representatives from Audi will be in attendance to take look at future businesses and technologies that could possibly be implemented into future Audi vehicles.

“The connected car brings opportunities for new innovative services. They will offer the customer more time and convenience and broaden our current business model,” says Dietmar Voggenreiter, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG. “In this spirit, we at Audi are engaging in an exchange with creative minds, people who demonstrate the entrepreneurial courage to fundamentally rethink things afresh.” He described international networking platforms such as the Web Summit as an important part of this strategy.

Audi’s autonomous RS7, nicknamed Bobby, which completed a driverless lap of the Hockenheim Ring by itself will be shown at the Summit. The purpose of Bobby’s presence will be to show other businesses just how far Audi has come with driverless technology, as Bobby “encapsulates Audi’s sheer innovative expertise”.

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Nico DeMattia

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