Audi to offer free “Charge & Fly” EV charging and parking at Munich airport

For a short time, now until December 20, Audi is going to be offering EV customers free charging and parking at the Munich airport. Audi has been showing off its EVs at Munich airport for a while now, in a little outdoor setup called the “Audi Meteorite”. There, the brand will have some charging stations and parking for all EV customers, not just e-tron customers, available for free.


So you can drive your EV, park it and charge it while you’re away and come back to a fully charged car for free. That’s a great perk. As someone why travels for work relatively often, that would be amazing. So if I were a German EV owner traveling for business, I’d be very happy until December 20, when this runs out and I have to go back to paying for parking like a commoner.

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Sweetening the deal ever further, once you park your car and plug it in, an Audi e-tron shuttle will take you to your terminal. So not only do you not have to pay for parking but you get shuttled to your terminal in a lovely, luxurious e-tron. On your return to the airport, another e-tron shuttle will take you to your car but you’ll also get the chance to take a test drive of the e-tron if you’d like. Assuming you don’t already own one. This is to persuade non-e-tron EV owners to jump ship, as EV is allowed at the Meteorite for free parking and charging.


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The only downside is that you have to schedule your usage ahead of time. Considering there aren’t hundreds of spots, as it’s not the size of a parking garage, reserving your spot is necessary. Though, it’s relatively easy, as you can do it at www.charge-fly.audi but we can imagine spots will likely fill up quick. So if you’re flying out of Munich airport between now and Dec 20, you’d better hurry.

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