Audi to debut “entry-level” EV in a couple of months

Audi seems to be riding an electric wave at the moment, having debuted its first two fully-electric cars in a matter of three months. Now, we’re hearing that the four-ringed brand is going to be debuting yet another one in the same span of time.

When speaking to Auto Express at the 2018 LA Auto Show, where the e-tron GT debuted, Audi’s head of exterior design said we’d see a new, entry-level EV in “a couple of months”.

This new entry-level EV will likely be similar in size and luxury to the Audi A3, though it’s also said to be based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB electric architecture, which debuted on the Volkswagen I.D.

Audi design boss Marc Lichte with the Audi e-tron GT

“You can design for the early adopters or you can design for the mainstream customer as well – we want to catch both,” Mindt said to AE. “There are a lot of people out there who just want a good looking car, they are not interested if it’s an EV or a conventionally powered car – in a coupe of months we will show you a first draft.”

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That’s an interesting point. There are a lot of customers who don’t care about style or adopting new tech. They just want something small enough to be easy to park and practical enough to drive everyday, with nice everyday niceties inside. To develop and electric car that can appeal to that kind of customer seems like it can be difficult. In fact, Mindt said it’s one of the most difficult things a designer can do.

“A super sports car that is low and wide is easy to design, like a penalty shot without a goal keeper but an electric car that is low and sleek is a harder task. To make a small car look nice which is cheap for mass production is a very hard task.” he said.

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We don’t know what this car is going to be or what it’s going to look like but we’re excited to find out. It will be the third fully-electric car Audi debuts within a span of six months which is incredibly impressive. It looks like Audi is really pushing to become a leader in electric mobility and it also seems to be happening.

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