Audi to continue hiring despite Volkswagen’s dieselgate

Audi has announced plans to continue hiring new employees even though parent company Volkswagen is greatly affected by the ongoing dieselgate.

It was only last week when Audi revealed they will inject make a €104 million investment in the Gyor factory in Hungary and now the company says they will keep on hiring and affirmed a jobs guarantee through 2018 even despite the diesel scandal that has greatly affected Volkswagen. As a matter of fact, VW has already said they will cut annual investments by €1 billion, but it seems Audi will be less affected by these drastic changes.

An Audi spokesman told German newspaper Heilbronner Stimme that “we are sticking with plans for strategic growth and are continuing to hire new employees as planned.” He went on to specify orders and vehicle sales are stable at this moment at Audi and that employees will receive “a respectable sum” as bonuses in 2016.

This announcement comes as a surprise taking into account Volkswagen recently announced they will have set aside more than the €6.5 billion allocated to deal with the dieselgate as they know the bill will be much higher than originally estimated. Credit Suisse made an estimation a while back and said the scandal will cost VW anywhere between €23 and €78 billion.

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