Audi to boost apprenticeships in the following years

Audi has disclosed plans to increase the number of apprenticeships at the company’s factories in Germany. Right now there are about 2,500 apprentices, but the number will grow to more than 2,700 by 2018 as Audi wants to train 534 apprentices in Ingolstadt by fall next year while at the Neckarsulm factory they will boost the number of apprentices from 238 to 273. As a consequence the total at these two sites will grow by around 10.5%.

Most of these new apprentices are going to work in mechatronics, body construction, informatics and vehicle construction. These new young entrants will embark on a 3-year apprenticeship starting September next year and the total number is going to grow by around 230 to more than 2,700 by 2018.

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Informatics experts specializing in systems integration are going to benefit from additional training in electronics and electrics at Audi while those working in body and automobile construction will receive training in lightweight construction. Earlier this year, at the Neckarsulm factory site, Audi commenced training material testers with an emphasis on metal technology.

Those who want to take advantage of the apprenticeships offered by Audi must make the submissions at www.audi.de/ausbildung. For the Ingolstadt factory, Audi will be taking proposals from July 27 until September 25 while for the Neckarsulm plant the interval is July 20 – September 13.

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