Audi to Announce its Potential Entry Into Formula One Early Next Year

Come 2026, the FIA will be introducing some rule changes for Formula One to create more environmentally responsible powertrains. These rule changes have piqued the interest of the Volkswagen Group, as both Audi and Porsche have been toying with the idea of entering F1 for some time now. While there have been plenty of rumors surrounding Audi’s potential entry into F1, an official announcement should come early next year.


In a recent Autocar report, you can read a letter written to FIA president Jean Todt, from Audi CEO Markus Duesmann and head of technical development Oliver Hoffman, which reads:  “Thanks to your efforts we are now close to the finish line. Recently, we saw another milestone being reached – the first draft of the technical, sporting and financial regulations… We believe that it contains satisfying solutions for all the objectives.”

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The letter goes on to say: “We look forward to working with you and your team, to complete this important process and to confirm our Formula 1 entry early next year.”


While it’s not a done deal just yet, it seems as though Audi has all intentions of entering F1. Whether it does so on its own or with another team is yet to be seen.

More recent rumors pegged McLaren as Audi’s upcoming partner, with the rumors claiming that Audi was going to buy the British F1 team and supercar company outright. Though, McLaren denied those rumors immediately after their release. However, that doesn’t mean the two brands aren’t going to be partnering up for Formula One, as a deal may not have been finalized at the time of McLaren’s previous statement.

There were also rumors of Audi partnering with Williams and Red Bull, so it seems as though no one outside of Audi is quite sure what’s going to happen.

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With F1 becoming more efficient, it makes sense for Audi to get into the open-wheeled motorsport. Audi is looking to become a major player in the world of electrification and nothing moves technology forward like motorsport. It’s why Audi left Le Mans racing to enter Dakar, with its electric rally racer.


We’re very excited to see what Audi does in Formula One and if it partners with any a brand like McLaren.


[Source: Autocar]
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