Audi to add 5G connectivity by 2020

It’s no secret that cars are becoming more and more connected. Currently, most premium brands offer some sort of data connection, so the car can connect to the internet and so that customers can use the car as a WiFi hotspot. At the moment, the fastest data connection you can get, both from your mobile phone service provider and from your car, is 4G. However, according to Auto Express, Audi is going to be rolling out 5G connectivity by 2020.

Audi will be co-developing this 5G tech with the Chinese tech company Huawei. The reason for this 5G connectivity will be for Audi’s V2X technology. What is V2X? Well it’s Audi’s new technology for vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity. The former was recently rolled out with Audi’s Traffic Light Assist technology, which allows modern Audis to connect to traffic lights and understand when they’re going to change and sending that info along to the driver.

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Apparently, Audi and Huawei will be developing this tech for China first and are looking at a 2020 release date. While US and European markets will come later, the Chinese market will be spearheading the tech. That’s because China is aggressively pushing this technology for its cities. Cities need to adapt to be compatible with vehicle-to-infrastructure technology and China wants 90-percent of its major cities to be V2I compatible by 2020.

“Read crossings and [traffic] lights, slowing your car progressively. You can get additional help to adjust speeds for red lights. It will offer assisted driving.” a Huawei spokesperson recently told Auto Express.

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Another big benefit of 5G connectivity is its ability to allow autonomous cars to connect to automakers’ clouds. So real-time data can be analyzed and sent to the cloud for the manufacturer to read and make adjustments on. It will also allow cars to have a sort of hive mind, allowing information one car learns to be spread throughout all similar cars.

5G is important for this sort of tech because it’s significantly faster than 4G and these sorts of technologies need blazing fast speed to work. In fact, 5G is about 1,000 times faster than 4G and is capable of speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second.

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