Audi thumbs nose at Ferrari

The R8 5.2Fsi with its V10 and monstrous 500+ horsepower has certainly been a point of contention in the sports car world. That, coupled with Audi’s latest world-wide campaign to challenge established, sporting brands has created quite an interesting marketing campaign. In this case, we find that Audi has taken direct aim at Ferrari as we see a bright red ( couldn’t be Ferrari red could it?) cruising through the hallowed streets of Maranello – the birthplace and home of Ferrari and it’s factories. In this particular ad, as the German prowls the streets, it enrages the locals as they use their ┬áVespas to chase the V10 beast out of the city or run out bars shouting at the offense.

Audi certainly isn’t afraid to let to competition know they’re out to win. As if taking on BMW and Mercedes wasn’t enough, Audi has gone after the most recognizable name in motoring: Ferrari.

And why wouldn’t they? The R8 V10 will come in with similar power at a lower price than the striking F430 in Ferrari’s stable while sharing some DNA with its Lamborghini brethren. We’re waiting on edge to see what commercial Audi drops next to give the competition an idea of what they’re in for.


(Source: Jalopnik via World Car Fans)