Audi tests overspray free painting

Audi is expanding the spectrum of its painting methods with the addition of overspray?free painting. This technology allows specific surfaces of a car body to be painted in a different color – all in one spraying process. The brand says that this process is not only economical, but also resource friendly.

The pilot process is currently being tested by Audi at its plant in Ingolstadt where a the car’s roof are painted in contrasting black. For spraying a contrasting color, employees previously had to mask off the relevant part of the car body and then paint it separately with a second spray process.

With overspray?free painting, a robot?controlled high?precision instrument now measures the laser?brazed seam between the roof and the side?panel frame before each car is painted. A special applicator then applies the black paint directly to the car body in individual strips with millimeter accuracy. The applicator places the strips of paint with sharp borders and without any spray mist – that is, without any overspray.

This method saves time and money, and the environment also benefits. Audi plans to put the innovative process into series production already next year.

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