Audi testing gesture control for virtual assembly

Audi is showing us how they use gesture control technology for the virtual assembly process. They are checking out the individual assembly steps to find out whether these will be practical for everyday usage. All of the testing procedures are conducted in the CAVE – Cave Automatic Virtual Environment which boasts projection surfaces on the wall and floor on which projectors show 3D images of components. This creates a virtual reality that allows Audi’s engineers to immerse themselves with help of 3D glasses.

By using a controller, Audi’s pre-series developers control the virtual components but in the future the plan is to replace the controller with gestures. The company’s development engineer for virtual validation Katharina Kunz and her team are currently testing a device called “Myo” which is basically an armband developed in the gaming industry specifically for gesture control.

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Audi tests gesture control for virtual assembly

Interestingly, this armband can actually measure the muscle currents in the forearm and based on this it can figure out how the user is moving their fingers and arm. It then sends the data through a Bluetooth connection to the computer which is in charge of collecting the user’s position coordinates with help from an infrared camera mounted on the ceiling. As a matter of fact, the camera in question is actually Microsoft’s Kinect used on the Xbox One gaming console.

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