Audi Technology Portal entirely redesigned

The Audi Technology Portal has been redesigned from the ground up and promises to be more informative and attractive. Those who are interested can access the overhauled port at the following link: www.audi-technology-portal.com, a platform developed specifically for journalists which offers a great deal of multimedia content with an emphasis on the innovations and technologies developed by the German marque.

It’s an entirely new platform featuring a simple and intuitive user interface where readers have the possibility of browsing from a wide variety of articles, animations and illustrations about Audi’s technologies. All the content available at the Audi Technology Portal has been customized for use by print, online journalists and TV, with the entire content being available for download.

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The Audi Technology Portal has been created to encompass all models and it has several designated areas, such as: Drivetrain, Electrics/Electronics, Chassis, Body, Mobility for the future and Specials. The latter refers to broadly defined themes like the “TDI Chronicle”, for example.

In this section you will find interesting information about the 25-year long history of the turbodiesel engine developed and evolved by Audi, starting out with the five-cylinder motor from 1989 and ending with the recent Le Mans winner. In addition, it also talks about the electronically-driven compressor which represents the latest development from Audi in this sector.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.