Audi Tech Talk: Active Roll Stabilization — How Fast Audi SUVs Handle So Well

Some of Audis SUVs are capable of agility that defies the laws of physics. Take the new Audi RS Q8 for example, which lapped the Nurburgring faster than any other SUV on record. To lap the ‘Ring that quickly, it takes a car that can properly handle. However, the RS Q8 also weighs as much as a small mountain, so it’s shocking to see it take corners as quickly as it does without flipping into the trees.


It’s not just the RS Q8, though. All of Audi’s performance SUVs are capable of agility far beyond what their size and weight should allow. And it’s mostly thanks to a technology Audi calls “eAWS”.

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What is eAWS?


Despite it’s slightly confusing acronym, eAWS is Audi’s electromechanical active roll stabilization technology. It uses a 48-volt electrical system to power active anti-roll bars, which help keep the body nice and flat through corners but also remain nice and comfy on straightaways.


How does this all work. In a nutshell, the active anti-roll bars rely on sensors to determine whether or not the car is cornering or driving in a straight line. When driving straight, the roll bars aren’t engaged, allowing the suspension to travel more freely and provide more comfort. However, as the sensors start to recognize the car turning, based on a variety of different variables, they active anti-roll bars can stiffen up, within milliseconds of detecting motion, to allow the body to stay flat through the corner.


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It’s also not just an on/off switch. The system can match the situation accordingly, so a small turn gets a bit of stiffness and a sharp turn gets a bunch. Simple in theory but the way it actually works is rather complex and the results are very impressive.


Which Cars Have eAWS?


Essentially all fast Audi SUVs have it. The technology was first seen on the Audi SQ7 but has since made its way to the SQ8 and RS Q8. Interestingly, the same Audi tech is also available on the Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus, as both cars are also under the VW Group umbrella.

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So if you’re in the market for a fast SUV, drive one of Audis and test out the eAWS because it can genuinely make a big difference in the comfort and fun of everyday driving.

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