Audi teases the return of Avants in the US

For years, Audi fans have been begging their favorite brand to bring wagons back to the US market. While we’ve had some wagons in America, such as the A4 and A6 Allroads, our actual list of Audi Avants has been rather slim. Though, we’ve recently heard that the Audi A6 and RS6 Avant would be making their way across the Atlantic in the near future. That news had us cautiously optimistic, as we were excited about the prospect but doubtful of its eventual reality. Though, it may be getting closer, as Audi recently teased the idea on Twitter.

In a recent Tweet, Audi posted a little summoning circle made of candle Emojis with the words “Avants in the U.S.” in the middle of the circle. It also had the caption of “summoning circle, hope this works”. So someone at Audi wants Avants to make a comeback ‘Stateside. Whether or not that actually happens is yet to be seen. Though, we do think it might be for real this time.

First, we heard the rumors that Audi did plan on bringing those two wagons at least to the US market. Now, Audi is teasing the idea on social media. So us finally seeing some cool Avants here in the ‘States may finally really be happening. We obviously hope so and don’t think the four-ringed brand could have picked a better car to do so with. The current A6 Avant is a brilliant car and looks even better than the sedan on which it’s based. Plus, if it brings the uber-hot RS6 Avant, that will cure a lot of model envy us ‘Mercians have over our European friends.

Admittedly, this could just be the person that runs Audi’s Twitter having a laugh. If so, though, that would be a very mean-spirited joke, as it got a lot of enthusiasts’ hopes up.

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