Audi teases self-parking system controlled by smartwatch

Audi of America has released a new video depicting a self-parking system installed in the A3 e-tron. It’s being presented in a funny matter, with the owner of the car deciding to show off some neat tricks such as the self-parking capabilities as well as the wireless charging. This demonstration comes as an answer to his neighbor who enjoyed showing off the new tricks done by his dogs.

This is Audi’s way of telling us sooner or later autonomous technology will be implemented in cars and we already know the next generation A8 due on sale next year will be equipped with an optional semi-autonomous system. Equipped with this technology, Audi’s flagship model will be capable of travelling at speeds of up to 37 mph (60 km/h) without the assistance of a driver. There’s no word about a self-parking system but chances are the car will feature some form of assistance for the driver whenever parking.

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Aside from the self-parking system, the attached video also shows the Audi A3 e-tron with a wireless recharging system, a technology currently found on some smartphones. It’s far easier to use than with a conventional plug and as plug-in hybrids and EVs will evolve, the inductive charging will be available once the costs will go down.

Adrian Padeanu

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