Audi teases RS7 piloted driving concept

Audi has published a teaser clip with the RS7 piloted driving concept which will be revealed in full later on this month. The Ingolstadt-based automaker is describing this interesting vehicle as being the “world’s sportiest piloted driving car” and we will be able to see it at the famous Hockenheim track on October 19 during the season finale of the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) set for next Sunday.

Audi says this high-tech RS7 Sportback is going to tackle the circuit “at racing speed” and the main objective of the vehicle’s development is to demonstrate the potential offered by piloted driving which will be implemented in future models wearing the four rings logo. The German marque says the RS7 piloted driving concept will be just about as fast as a vehicle driven by a professional race car driver while preliminary tests have shown the car can lap the Hockenheim in a little over two minutes. Moreover, Audi promises the RS7 piloted driving concept is capable of reaching speeds of up to 240 km/h (149 mph).

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We remind you that last month Audi managed to obtain the first autonomous driving permit in California while earlier this year in August the company organized a demonstration of piloted driving in Florida with the A7 Sportback.

Adrian Padeanu

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