Audi talks about Bang & Olufsen sound system in A6, A7, A8

Audi has released a video in which they provide more details about the Bang & Olufsen sound system available in the A6, A7 and A8 models. It was designed specifically for Audi and benefits from active loudspeaker technology and depending on the model it can have up to 19 high-performance loudspeakers providing the ultimate audio experience.

As you probably have noticed in the video, there are two moving tweeters on the dashboard which feature the acoustic lens technology while 5.1 surround sound is available in a vehicle equipped with MMI navigation plus. The Bang & Olufsen sound system comes with sealed boxes and a fully aluminum loudspeaker cover while depending on the model it has up to 1,400-watt of amplification power. It should be mentioned the system benefits from an ICEpower amplifier and advanced vehicle noise compensation along with dedicated sound tuning.

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There’s also a system available in the A3, A4, A5, Q5 and R8 models which has up to 14 loudspeakers and up to 705-watt of amplifier power. This one too benefits from dedicated sound tuning and 5.1 surround sound technology when used with MMI navigation plus. This particular Bang & Olufsen sound system has aluminum applications on the loudspeaker grilles along with a system called GALA plus which is actually a dynamic sound adjustment based upon driving speed and microphone measurements.

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