Audi talks about diesel cars with AdBlue

Audi has published a new tutorial video for those who have vehicles equipped with a clean diesel engine that needs AdBlue. It’s a reducing agent that runs into the gas flow and it turns into ammonia which splits nitrogen oxide into non-toxic molecules of nitrogen and oxygen. Audi says AdBlue tanks have to be topped-off by an authorized dealer at each scheduled maintenance interval, but if usage increases you will have to add AdBlue between the scheduled maintenances.

Audi recommends that you refill the AdBlue tank before it runs dry and you will be warned about the low level when there are 1,500 miles left to drive. There will also be a second low level warning when there’s only enough AdBlue for 600 miles and if you cover this distance without refilling the tank, the engine will no longer start and the car will display the third low level warning.

A refill bottle holds about 0.5 gallon and you will need two of them for 1 gallon. Audi says the car’s system will need a couple of minutes to detect the added AdBlue. In case of an emergency, you can add the fluid yourself by using the fuel cap on the right sitting next to the diesel one. It’s smaller and can be opened only with a wheel bolt wrench which you will get from the car’s tool kit. The cap has to be turned counterclockwise using the bolt wrench.

After that, the refill bottle has to be positioned on the filler tube and then you’ll have to turn the bottle clockwise until it stops turning. By turning the bottle it will release the valve on the refill bottle to allow the AdBlue flow. After that, turn the bottle counterclockwise to remove it and then repeat the procedure with the second one. Lastly, the AdBlue fuel filler door has to be closed by pressing on the left side until you will hear a lock.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.