Audi tackles the 24 Hours of Nurburgring

This Saturday marks the 37th running of the ADAC 24 Hours of Nurburgring – or a 24-hour endurance race on the track aptly named Der Grune Holle or “The Green Hell.” Jackie Stewart coined this term during his tenure as a three-time world champion in Formula One going on to state that it was the greatest and most challenging track in the world but also one that you can never quite make a perfect lap of. And how could you on a track where one lap of the full circuit includes 14.2 miles and 170+ turns? It’s said to be the ultimate test of man and machine.


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Well, Audi’s newest GT/Sportscar , the R8 LMS, will be put to the test of a car that is the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. This newest Audi race comes equipped with a 500HP V10(think the upcoming road-going R8 V10) The R8 LMS will be fielded by two teams, Abt Sportline( who aided Audi as a co-developer of this vehicle) and Phoenix Racing, two seasoned and capable teams. Whats better, the drivers that will fill these teams:

Abt Sportline:

  • Christian Abt
  • Jean-François Hemroulle
  • Pierre Kaffer
  • Lucas Luhr
  • Mattias Ekström
  • Timo Scheider
  • Marco Werner

Phoenix Racing:

  • Marc Basseng
  • Frank Stippler
  • Mike Rockenfeller
  • Frank Biela
  • Marcel Fässler
  • Emanuele Pirro
  • Hans-Joachim Stuck


In reading the list, it must be noted that a number of the drivers across these highly competent teams are actually those of Audi’s works teams with such as  Pirro, Rockenfeller, and Biela coming fresh from last season’s R10 diesel, winner of the 2008 Le Mans race. Even more impressive is the inclusion of Hans-Joachim Stuck, one of the most experienced and decorated veterans of racing with experience ranging from Formula One, ETCC, DTM (winning in 1990 at the wheel of an Audi) and Sportscar racing. Stuck also went on to win the ’04 24 Hours of Nurburgring at the helm of an M3 GTR.


These drivers, driving the mighty R8 LMS, should make for some entertaining racing this weekend. To complicate things just a little, the field of cars will ultimately be a total of 220. That’s right, two-hundred and twenty cars all competing on one track.


Watch this space for updates on this crusher of an Enduro race and track live feeds here – if you speak German…

(Source for link: Axis of Oversteer)