Audi switching to more digital manufacturing for future

The entire auto industry is undergoing a massive shift from a more analog age to a more digital one. Despite how digital things are today, much or the auto manufacturing and development world is still quite analog and mechanical. However, there’s a change occurring, as automakers are shifting to more digital development strategies and Audi is one of them.

Audi is going through its biggest change ever as it transitions to become a digital company,” said head of quality assurance Werner Zimmermann, “and quality is one of our core competences, with our customers having expectations for the function, comfort, value and reliability of our cars.”

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Cars are becoming more and more electronic and computerized. A typical modern car is pretty high tech, with enough computers and electronics to create about 12,000 signals. According to Audi, its new electric cars will have over 100 computer control nodes that can create over 100,000 digital signals. So the increase in technology is vast with the next generation of electric cars. And development processes have to advance as well.

Waldemar Root explains how the joining technique roller hemmering was applied at the Audi A8 body shop for the first time

One area of development where technology is rapidly advancing is in panel gaps. Right now, Audi has some of the tightest and most perfectly uniform panel gaps on the road. It’s almost absurd how close Audi’s panel gaps are. However, they can stand to get even better with the use of digitization. At the moment, Audi has a 0.2 mm panel gap tolerance, which is incredibly, but the brand feels it can do better with a new optical jig, which could possibly get that number down to 0.1 mm.

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Audi is one of the biggest brands moving forward with advanced technologies, in both manufacturing and in automobiles. It’s investing in new development tech, hardware, software and even new fuels. And Audi’s continued increase of digitization helps with all of it.

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