Audi Stops Sales of Diesel Engines in The Netherlands

Audi is almost as famous for making great diesel engines as it is making great gasoline engines. While the 2.0 TDI engine doesn’t exactly light any fires in the hearts of enthusiasts, there were some great diesels in Audi’s past. The V12 TDI, which powered the monster Audi Q7 back in its day, was especially cool. There was also an Audi R8 V12 TDI prototype, which never made production but sounded incredible. However, despite Audi’s long line of impressive diesel engines, the end is nigh, as Audi just stopped selling diesels in The Netherlands.


The Netherlands isn’t a huge market for Audi but its stop-sale of all diesel engines here is big news. For decades, diesels have been every bit as important to the Audi brand as gasoline engines, so the move to completely stop selling them in any market is shocking. Moving forward, all Audis sold in The Netherlands will either be powered by gasoline, electricity, or both.

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According to Audi, the reason for pulling the trigger on diesel engines was due to a lack of sales in The Netherlands. Most European countries seem to moving toward electrification anyway, so it’s not as if Audi’s diesel engines will be missed much.


Engine compartment

Additionally, Audi is in the process of replacing its current engine lineup; both gasoline and diesel; for the last time. These new engines are said to be the best the brand has ever built and will likely consist of four and six-cylinder units. Though, it’s unclear if The Netherlands will get its new diesel engines. After these engines, though, Audi will cease development of new engines, in favor of electric powertrains.

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As great as many of Audi’s diesel engines have been, though, few are likely to miss them. Audi’s diesel engines don’t actually have the best reputation at the moment, as the lingering effects from diesel-gate continue to be felt.


It’s strange to think that Audi will be banning diesel engines in any country but The Netherlands seems where it will begin.


[Source: Motor1]
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