Audi stops production at Brussels plant after terrorist attack

Audi’s Brussels plant in Belgium has told its 1,100 late-shift employees to take the night off and stay home, in light of the horrific terrorist attacks that occurred in the city. Thirty people lost their lives following the attacks on Brussels airport and train stations, resulting the much of the city being shut down, including Audi’s plant.

However, Audi will be continuing production tomorrow morning, unless police advise otherwise. “So far the early shift for tomorrow has not been called off,” According to an Audi spokesperson. The workers on the canceled late shift were scheduled to built 250 Audi A1s, but Audi isn’t worried about making them up later.

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Audi Brussels
Audi Brussels

None of the Audi employees present during the time of the attacks were hurt, thankfully, but Audi is still taking precautions as Belgium puts its threat assessment at its highest level. Audi also bumped up security at its Brussels plant.  Transportation has been halted, in all forms, throughout Brussels and citizens are being advised not to leave their homes for fear of further attacks. Electrabel, a Belgium electric utility, has evacuated its employees from its Nuclear power plant as well.

We feel for the families of the people who lost their lives in these terrible terrorist attacks and hope that the rest of the Brussels citizens are safe. Thankfully, many companies like Audi are requesting their employees stay home until they can be sure it’s safe enough to go to work.

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