Audi SQ5 upgraded by ABT Sportsline once more

The Audi SQ5 has been given a power boost by the aftermarket specialists at ABT Sportsline. It’s not actually their first take on the high-performance diesel crossover as back in 2013 they took the twin-turbo V6 3.0-liter TDI from 313 PS and 650 Nm to 360 PS and 700 Nm. Back in September this year, Audi introduced a beefier SQ5 TDI plus rated at 340 PS and 700 Nm which is still less than ABT’s first tuning kit. Now, the tuner is back with even more power as they were able to extract a whopping 365 PS and 710 Nm.

Details concerning the vehicle’s performances are not available at the moment, but it should turn out to be a tad faster than the regular SQ5 TDI plus which will do the 0-100 km/h run in as little as 5.1 seconds and will continue to accelerate until it will hit a top speed of 250 km/h which is actually electronically limited.

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Besides packing more diesel punch, the Audi SQ5 can be fitted with ABT’s aerodynamic body kit featuring a new front grille, fender extensions, side skirts and door strip attachments while at the back there’s a new wing. Alloy wheels in sizes from 20 to 22 inches are also on offer and can be matched with wheel spacers and an adjustable suspension package.

Adrian Padeanu

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