Audi SQ2 vs Mercedes-AMG A35 — Top Gear Test

While the Audi SQ2 is considered a crossover, in reality it’s actually closer to a hot-hatchback on stilts. Sure, it’s larger than a hatchback but not by much and it barely offers any extra interior or luggage space. The SQ2 isn’t alone, as there are tons of cars that fit this description, including the BMW X2 M35. These sorts of cars are sort of the new hot hatchbacks. But can the a new hot hatchback like the SQ2 take on a more traditional one, like the Mercedes-AMG A35? Top Gear recently found out.

In this new comparison test, TG pit the Audi SQ2 and AMG A35 against each other to see if one of these new sporty crossovers can really be as fun as a proper hot-hatch. It’s a tall task for the SQ2, if we’re honest. Not only is the SQ2 bigger, it’s also heavier and has a higher center of gravity. So it’s not looking good for the Audi.

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However, the test ends up being closer than we would have imagined. Maybe a few years ago, the proper hot hatch would have run away from the pseudo-hot crossover. But now that hot hatches have become so mature and so easy to live with, the gap between the two types of cars has narrowed.

Both cars are pretty numb to drive, with neither offering much in the way of feel or feedback. And the Audi SQ2 is actually the quicker car, while the AMG A35 actually has a more practical trunk. So there are some surprising revelations in this test.

Still, when it comes to outright fun and playfulness, the AMG is the better car to drive. Its chassis is more playful, its exhaust is more raucous and its steering is a bit better. But the Audi SQ2 is the more comfortable car and is has more grip.

We won’ spoil the outcome for you, as you should rear TG’s article but these two cars ended up being closer than we originally though.

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