VIDEO: Is the Audi SQ2 Actually Sorta Fun?

The Audi SQ2 has been almost entirely forgotten by the automotive enthusiast world. In fact, I completely forgot it existed until I saw Carfection put out a review of it today, to which I thought to myself “Audi still makes that?” The fact that most car nerds find sporty crossovers like the Audi SQ2 detestable doesn’t help its cause. But could it actually be better than we all thought?


In this video, Carfection’s Alex Goy drives the Audi SQ2 and reckons that if small crossovers are here to stay, we’d might as well embrace them. But is the SQ2 worth embracing or should you look elsewhere?

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To be fair to the Audi SQ2, it does have quite a lot of redeeming qualities. For starters, it’s quite good looking, with a boxy shape that distinguishes itself from the rest of Audi’s SUV lineup. It’s also quite understated, with its design being barely different from the standard Q2. Which makes it a bit stealth.


Especially when you consider it’s decently quick. With its familiar 2.0 liter turbocharge four-cylinder (the famous EA888 engine), making 295 horsepower, and its snappy seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the SQ2 is a fun little thing to drive. Okay so its steering is okay at best and its suspension lacks adaptive dampers to stiffen things up when you wanna play. But it’s more fun than your average crossover, which makes normal life a bit more fun for many customers.

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Admittedly, it’s quite expensive, which means most customers with families will probably have to settle for a less exciting Q2. However, those that can splurge on the hotter SQ2 should, according to Goy. I have no skin in this game, as the Audi SQ2 never went on sale in America (and never will, the Q2 family is on its last legs and likely won’t get a replacement), so I have no idea how it drives or how its customers feel about. But this video seems to say that, while it doesn’t get your heart racing, the Audi SQ2 is a car that’s fun enough to make a family vehicle enjoyable and there’s no shame in that, despite what die-hard car nerds say.


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